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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSB04 Sept 28 (week 3, lecture 3) International Health Agencies, Activities, and other actors International health imperatives (Box 2-5) Questions on page 61 and 67 outline todays lecture -Public-private partnerships (PPPs) are agreements and organizations that are a combination of public and private interests. They are a major new player in the international health scene. -missionaries established hospitals and clinics in many remote areas around the world. Some see religious missions as social justice missions. --K[ZZ }Ko2]LZ]]}LZ. Have a bureaucratic system Early international health efforts -Red Cross: -the first and longest lasting organization. Jean-Henri Dunant witnessed the bloody battle of Solferino (1859) and was moved to found the red cross. -K]ZZ]}L9^]LLL}2L]]}LZ}ZZKL]]LK]ZZ]}L]Z}} Zo]ZL dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance -2007 budget: $700 million -Rockefeller Foundation: -^}}K}Zoo]L2}KLl]LZ}2Z}Z}o_ - goal is to identify and attack at their source the underlying cause of human suffering -Assets $4 billion grant making since 1913 -activities: - 13000 fellows trained -operated program in 93 countries, shaping public health -helped found 25 schools Principles of international health cooperation: disease campaigns (cure over prevention), technical solutions (as opposed to social approaches), budget incentives and donor involvement (outsider determining policy priorities), experts trained in the west (bypassing local healers and knowledge), short timelines (annual reportscycles) (Box 3-7) -Save the Children: -^ooZEZ}LEZ7]ZZ}Z}] }]}Z7 22]LZZ Z]o_}L7 Eglantyne Jebb -27 national agencies: $1 billion budget -charitable donations and retail sales From WWII to the Cold War (63-67) -devastation of WW1 -Influenza pandemic -great depression -horrors of WWII - ;}Zhope for the future (UN) -establishment of IMF, to focus on macroeconomic policy and provide loans conditional on adoption of anti-inflationary and international payment policies. -International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRDWB): provide loans for particular development projects in infrastructure and agriculture. -UN meant to maintain international balance of power, under control of handful of large countries.
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