Chapter 9

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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Chapter 9: Globalization, Trade, Work and Health Pathways that connect neoliberal globalization with mortality and morbidity: trade liberalization, reorganization of labor, debt and structural adjustment, financial liberalization and environmental degradation Globalization and its key features o Historical character and definitions of Neoliberal Globalization J dominant political- economic relations that drive globalization: neoliberal economic model (free markets bring increase in GDP, growth is a proxy for development, and growth is sufficient to reduce poverty) which encourages less government interference because of its inefficiency and increase role of the market Result of neoliberal policies J reduction in subsidies, cost recoveries through user fees, privatization, reduction government roles, increase dominance of western-based transnational capital, high military expenditures Also in increased free trade zones in LDCs o The Global Trade Regime and the WTO [email protected]~[]L ]oZ9L]}LoKL~}]2L2}}Z7]LZKLZ7Z] Z treated as domestic goods), most favored nation (all member nations receive the same preferences), and least trade restrictive practices (domestic L]}LKLolZ} ]o2o]}LZ L[]K Pernicious aspect of WTO: emphasizes economic growth over social policies, o] ZoZ}o] ]Z^]}o_Kl7o]K] }
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