Lecture 1: Chapter 1 + 2

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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Lecture 1 Chapter 1 and 2: Introduction to International Health Globalization of disease: AIDS and SARS - 10million child deaths, mostly preventable Course Themes: - understand IH in context of power + influence o healthmedicine culturally bound o domain of political and ideological struggles - IH intertwined with economic concerns o Circulation of goods and people (globalization) o Development J precursor to good health, industrialization or social - Understand IH in terms of interactions (interplay) o Epidemiology w politics and institutions o Aid as form of negotiation Figure 4.2 Political Economic of International Health Framework - Political (largest) to individual characteristics (smallest) Key Definitions: - WHO definition of health p3 - International health p5 J health coop bw nations, agreements regarding health, issues that cross borders o Colonial medicine and Tropical medicine - US institute of Medicine definition of Global Health p6 World health J ]L[ get adapted so international
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