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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

IDSB04 - Ch.1 + 2 What is health? state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity what affects health? -social, political, economic, historical factors -lifestyle- genetic makeup -geography - resources (health care infrastructure) Health and health care Investing in health-which involves multiple layers of determinants, and investing in health care which is one determinant of health (i.e. hospitals, medicine) Int health in a historical perspective: - term international health forst came to use in the early 20th century after sovereign countries began to recognize the value of intergovernmental cooperation and established permanent bodies to address health issues that crossed national borders. -new arena reflected the interests of imperial powers to protect int commerce and fend off epidemics of diseases (such as cholera, plague) How can one conceptualize Int health? 1 Box1-1: global public good, int agreements, disease control and research, social justi
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