LINC12H3 Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Illocutionary Act, Pragmatics, Deixis

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28 Feb 2013
Context plays a role in linguistic meaning
o External and real world
Tasks a hearer must perform to understand an expression
o Disambiguate the noun club can mean golf club, or
a club someone belongs to…all depends on context
o Assign Referents all golfers or good clubs…who is
the speaker referring to exactly?
o Determine quantity referred to some how much
is some?
o Illocutionary force of utterance is the utterance
depending on the context considered advice or is it an
univeral obligation
o Extract implication
Pragmatics ‘action’, concerned in use of language in real
contexts, cannot study language use without prior concept of
word meaning, or without looking at how particular words are
used in contexts
Sense and Reference
Reference concerns in what an expression is about
o Frege distinguished between sense and reference
(general meaning vs object which it refers to)
Fregean Distinction
o 3 aspects of a words total semantic effect
force (question or statement?)
tone/coloring (differences in register and
connotation, ex. Die vs pass away)
o words reference isn’t the only part of its meaning…there
is also something called SENSE
o sense way in which we grasp or understand the actual
referent, a mode of presentation of its referent to
our understanding, gives the word cognitive
o sense determines reference, they are forms of our
o sense objective, shared, non private mode of
presentation, allows people to talk about the same thing
for these reasons …do not differ from person to person
o sentences also have sense and reference truth
value whether it is true or false
o Truth as the basic notion to this semantic theory
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