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Chapter 5

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Chandan Narayan

chapfer 5 ?v" ' ryn+il\, oru -tt^ooYnfov\u,J , [ocrrs{ + TtwnrwnoY 'hrrW sp,ukr c,onlruq"y,i, il[;E,:; ,wlkefw i; ;^u%'i6 Vraon^aic"l -tlr*shsteznwnYnotr IU ) - 4hnt-ar-edhc^'*r''{ rffPvra*icvs^nZ( prinrhT{Vs o Iecn"rti-v\fq anu' lavyones . ,colnllr\r^ttusff"y ynAt it^t/""(\ /@sf '-frun'g^b^PvnJ"ns t ^rg trrd,rnrMr ^t j t hzuov-+'a'ltm"'r1 Comy;rutiw*"I ovnbiw a, / t t taT*^= op+af'6"ynrsfttr- .- 4kry" inpa.#ia,4e+- ,Thr 5+wdw*-6v^il,tryt ffwd1 a**ib.al< 14,*,r,t "r#re ft- D e{ Y^we/ ( Movw Cwqwia sf+vtf^r'a a,,^?l axril,s C^,tq*iut rf* sfnta*ic' "ffi ffiorip4t wrdsq- b.q n"pe/ foTd/w14btr irvlo rc'tarivdS/n^//" ( tl rlour fi-c4asees 2 @ ua,rb lI o odq*- lex',ul wt7-orLa I Y 1,a.d'r'-yf,sow I * ' 7v\Q"Ed CAn bL inuh^nbd zud(fe're'^[email protected]'6ri-s >" lnfc^Con hA!- o(4-rmivrv A* L-NzU ca+Qw7: 0 lWe"r'Tu'q '@ zwf{L}ion- ' e Distir*to,v n40YLvulTabl'e- ra5')+t^"duMe S'rLr(e,a/t< ruL,#rotol A/ d'^,ptrh'i,1f^^,v'd4z tqPfir'gltF--YletlaQ fuffe^,o- h!,,"- [email protected] t*h\fuutr7ru''{re VP.- as CVnA/(I^^-r,t"f L as ng,a^r4 ' st4nfcic vnits ---'>^tri&u'b"l o fhvrqqIaR : fh,ruylwt %!l +s-s7s apy/ircubtl-- A\/e,Uansti+-d-p,a,t* f O The sr,tsf if**n tast -_fir.,q-a \@TtntMtrt .-lzst 2 O Th-r wordirca4iov-fe,* ls t e 5i"-bstifu{itetf: Eler,^r^tart(oruna u:*tt'upt(a^* b* l..{ /e4aud }'na^is *y VP: o,bso PP . *hsx'Q- @ w'attvu"t*!ft tw ' @ T"a CoEd ir"*ior^rst . h^1nnr,(iln vtt+ Cr.Vtt^^"* Wtions S,-{o,rn^-uafiot-' re/+ +:-- Tt-e-r'rvn-s^bcate4qA*zu,-orz//seotto i,$^"*)r^ ^hr"X @ @ Ca,ryfup^rtptiq^s +o^ Urrbs ' *ff^ Colr bei"q'--totv\ovo-:llna,rutt^rgO7y, *9 \t ) . ffiot nr,,1,ond '-Wkn be(fnfr fD#h,At\ 'U-O r Sfyrng- rcl yhar. -LftkoI/i/\DVe- b\A/e..-yLy""-Aut, Jt (ltr;-"J nS1-- #\e\,4/L c;Jr^,1{t Cpv"C)4,',s'r*@i*t #^-r#kr* d"f &.),/a VF t, V, ,/\--.=-- ,/ \===.----=.==----..-- VryNTF ?,)1 Asr t , ' o( 'rt frlAL f, /\ loocK NP P I on/\ of N. I +t^s I Jfil-f i r 1 ( mafrix c/a"SB- @ %o..
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