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Chapter 10

Chapter 10 (*ONLY upto 10.4.2)

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Chandan Narayan

LINA02 - Contemporary Linguistic Analysis Chapter 10 First Language Acquisition 10.1 The Study of Language Acquisition The end result of language acquisition is a grammar (the mental system that allows people to speak and understand a language. The development of linguistic skills must involve the acquisition of a grammar because mature language users are able to produce and understand an unlimited number of novel sentences (which can only happen if, as children, they obtained the grammar for their language) and because of the speech errors that children make (some of these errors are able to tell us that the children have formulated general grammatical rules). Example: runned, children create the rule that adding ed to a word forms the past tense 10.1.1 Methods o Most language acquisition research is done on childrens early utterances, the order in which they emerge, and the kinds of errors that they contain. Two approaches o Naturalistic approach: investigators observe and record childrens spontaneous utterances. o Types of naturalistic observation include diary studies, taping sessions o Naturalistic studies tend to be longitudinal because they examine language development in a certain child or group for a long period of time (sometimes as long as several years), but this method allows researchers to observe development in individual children as an ongoing process www.notesolution.com
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