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Chapter 10

chapter 10

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Chandan Narayan

Chapter 10 First Language Acquisition 10.1 The end result of acquisition is grammar the mental system that allows people to speak and understand a language Simple memorization of a fixed inventory of words and sentences would not equip learners to deal with previously unheard utterances a basic requisite of normal language use Second indication of children attempt to learn grammar is run-of-the-mill errors (i.e.: doed, runned and goed) 10.1.1 Naturalistic approach observe and record children spontaneous utterances Diary study one type of naturalistic approach: researcher (often a parent) keeps daily notes on a childs linguistic progress Naturalistic studies tend to be longitudinal, takes a long period of time to conduct to see the changes over time o Downfall: some of the structures and phenomenon may occur rarely in childrens everyday speech, making it difficult to gather enough information from natural speech samples to test hypothesis or draw firm conclusions And more compounded by the fact that speech samples from individual children capture only a small portion of their utterances at any given point in development Experimental studies, typically make use of specially designed tasks to elicit linguistic activity relevant to the phenomenon that they wish to study o Typically is cross-sectional, it investigates and compares the linguistic knowledge of different children at a particular point in development Might involve conducting a single experiment with representatives from different groups and compare Since childrens ability to comprehend language is often more advanced than their ability to produce sentences of their own, production tasks can provide an www.notesolution.com
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