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Chapter 10

chapter 10

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Chandan Narayan

Chapter 11 Even learning additional third, fourth and etc languages, it is terms as Second language acquisition Bilingualism: interesting phenomenon of children simultaneously acquiring two languages is generally investigated in the field Linguistics concerns with the mental grammar and psychology shifts from behaviourism to cognitive > crucial for SLA o Linguistics provide the sophisticated and accurate descriptions of what people are learning; Psychology provides the theories 11.1 Adults learning L2 are subject to an influence that is absent from the childs situation: the first language itself o L1 > Interlanguage Grammar < L2 Interlanguage grammar: it is a system of mental representations influenced by both the first and second language and has features of each Transfers: used to describe the process whereby a feature or rule form a learners first language is carried over to the IL grammar 11.1.1 Certain resemblance can be traced from first language to second languages 11.1.2 Fossilized - the interlanguage grammar stops changing 11.1.3 Target: what is to be acquired Communicative competence: A speakers knowledge of the linguistic and social rules or principles for language production or perception Grammatical competence: Competence in the structural aspects of language at or below the sentence level www.notesolution.com
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