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Chapter 7

Notes for Chapter7 - Understanding Phonology - required readings only.docx

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Duncan, Liisa

rdUnderstanding Phonology3 editionChapter 7SPE A Case Study the Diminutive suffix in Dutch71IntroductionPhonological rules are formal expressions that describe changes in the phonological representations of words72SPE Representations and RulesFeature matrixa list of feature specifications that correspond to a particular segmentAn expression like t is then a shorthand notation for the corresponding feature matrixA morpheme is represented by a string of feature matricesGeneral format of an SPE rule o minimal featureminimal feature minimal feature specification of Features specification of specification of segments under that changelefthand context right context going change o FocusStructural Change ContextCtranslates as zero or more consonants 0 721Reference to the Syllablelabelled brackets are used to indicate syllable boundarythey can be used to refer to segments in the onset ie or coda position ie 722The Brace notation used to express a disjunction between two or more terms e
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