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Chapter 5

Notes for Chapter 5 - Understanding Phonology - required readings only

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Duncan, Liisa

rdUnderstanding Phonology3 editionChapter 5Underlying and Surface Representations51IntroductionA speaker can systemically vary the pronunciation of the same word as a function of the phonological contextPhonologists assume multiple levels of representation to account for this52Allophonic VariationMuch of the variation typically displayed by many segments is systematicStyle and phonological context are responsible for the variation o Style or the level of formality of the situation results in varied pronunciation of some segments o Contextdependent variants are called allophones h Allophones are variants of a particular phoneme ie p is an allophone of phoneme pAllophonic variation in different languages may show some similarities but a given segmental difference may be phonemic in one language and allophonic in anotherWhen a segmental difference is contrastive used to differentiate between morphemes there will be minimal pairs present Allophonic variation is predictableAllophonic differences occur typically because certain contexts allow particular adaptations in the production of the segment o Therefore allophones are in complementary distribution the allophones of a phoneme do not occur in the same environments and together they make up the ph
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