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Chapter 1

Notes for Chapter 1 - Understanding Phonology

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Duncan, Liisa

rdUnderstanding Phonology3 editionChapter 1Structures in Languages11Introductionall human languages have phonological structure and morphosyntactic structure 12Observing Linguistic Structurelanguages vary greatly in structurespeakers of a language are often not aware of their languages structurestructural awareness depends on the demand and will to look into such issues and the salience of structural elements ie how easy it is to recognize certain elementssegment awareness arises because the letters used to write words have a relation to the sound produced when that word is spoken o ie tearather than one unit of sound is made of two segmentst i o segmentsyllablea languages orthography can also be a hindrance to learning language structure because of irregular relations between letters and segments ie laugh a word with 5 letters but 3 segments which can cause confusion for speakers as they try to separate the twoo hence why segments are assigned special symbols IPAJapanesemora a short vowel each half of a long vowel smaller than a syllable 121What Linguists Dotry to become aware of the entire structure of the languages they studyaim to discover the entire structure of all languages which is unrealistic because languages are dying out quicklygive evidence languageinternal and phonetic measure
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