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Chapter 11

Notes for Chapter 11 - Understanding Phonology

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Duncan, Liisa

rdUnderstanding Phonology3 editionChapter 11Between the Segment and the Syllable111IntroductionThe syllable forms the domain to which stress is assigned it can be stressed or unstresssed112Skeletal TierProvides a representation for the duration and syllabicity of segmentsClements Keyser 1983segments are not directly associated to their syllables but are dominated by structural positions called skeletal slots which encode segment duration o Consonants and vowelsassociated to one slot o Long vowels and geminate consonantsdoubly linked to two slotsTwo types C representing a syllable margin onset or coda and V representing a syllable peak113SyllabificationConsonants prefer to be in an onset rather than a codaMaximum Onset Principle MOP first make the onset as long as it can be then form a legitimate codaWhile the MOP is universal languages differ in the kinds of syllables they allow Languages differ in the syllabification domain1131Sonority ProfileThe sonority of a syllable increases from the beginning of the syllable onwards and decreases from the beginning of the peak onwardsSonority is rel
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