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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Psychoanalytic Theory Notes

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Michael Petit

Final Exam Study Guide (Chapters 7-12) Chapter 7 Psychoanalytic Theory Sigmund Freud’s Model of the Human Psyche all Perceptional Consciousness • Conscious awareness provided by your senses Pre-Conscious • Things easily called to your conscious mind Conscious Mind • Perceptional consciousness + pre-conscious ID • Associated with the Pleasure Principle – the uncontrollable human drive to satisfy desire, including libido, human sexual desire SUPER-EGO • Associated with the Reality Principle – the constant curbing of desire according to possibility; laws, both written and unwritten; and social convention EGO • Acts according to the reality principle and seeks to please the id’s drive in realistic ways Freudian Psychoanalysis – The Pleasure Principle – is the uncontrollable human drive to satisfy desire Libido – sexual urge or desire The Reality Principle – the constant curbing of desire according to possibility, law, or social convention Repression – the process of mentally containing our desires below conscious recognition or expression The Unconscious – the part of the mind that acts as a reservoir for desire, and it always attempts to make repressed desires felt again by interjecting them into conscious life. Oedipus complex – a mental structuring that takes the raw libidinal materials of the oral, anal, and phallic stages and splits them into conscious and unconscious desires Jacques Lacan: Lacanian Psychoanalysis – Imaginary – the pre-linguistic realm (similar to Freudian pre-Oedipal, pleasurable stage) where the infant feels whole and connected to everything via the bond to the mother. The Mirror Stage – the child catches its reflection in a mirror and misrecognizes itself as an autonomous and total whole. Alienation The Symbolic – the realm or the cultural plane of language, social meanings, and relationships. Lack – there is not so much a struggle between pleasure and reality as there is a gap that separates them The Real - The state of nature from which we have been fo
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