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Chapter 10

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Chapter 10: Reception Analysis - Reception theory - An approach that stresses audience interpretation as the primary site of meaning-making. Classic Audience Studies and Media Effects Research Hypodermic Model - Media “injects” people with various beliefs. - Advertisers advertise, consumers buy. - “False consciousness” Two-Step Flow - Certain individuals are more active in their attention to media and disseminate information to others. - Audiences follow these “opinion leaders” Cultivation Analysis - Heavy viewing of media gives individuals a distorted view of the world Uses and Gratifications - Individuals consciously consume media for their own ends and purposes. Encoding/Decoding: Stuart Hall Codes are never neutral “The Codes of encoding and decoding may not be perfectly symmetrical.” - code - A set of rules that govern the use of visual and linguistic signs within a culture. - encoding - The process of creating a meaningful message according to a particular code. - decoding - The process of using a code to decipher a message and assess meaning. - dominant reading position: employ a code identical to the industry code and understand the text according to its preferred meaning - these audiences decode the meaning of the text intended by media producers and consciously or unconsciously accept it as true - oppositional position: recognize the preferred reading and dominant code in the text but reject them in favor of a completely different code (a different meaning) - negotiated position: decode part of the text in accordance with the industry code and part of it with an alternative code - these audiences mesh the preferred reading of the text with their personal perspectives and interpretations and produce meaning that is partially reminiscent of the preferred Polysemy: John Fiske, Celeste Condit, Leah Ceccarelli - “semiotic excess” – the greater the semiotic excess, the more interpretations possible - ”producerly” – an open writerly text that is also popular; it relies on audience members already possessing certain interpretive competencies, which they apply in a self-interested productive way. - polysemy - The notion that a
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