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Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ted Petit

Chapter 12 Ecological AnalysisMedia Ecology an Overview Media EcologyAn approach that views communication technologies as environments media ecology is a preparadigmatic science media ecology looks into the matter of how media communication affect human perception understanding feeling and value and how our interaction with media facilitates or impedes our chances of survivalin the case of media environments the specifications are often implicit and informal half concealed by our assumption that what we are dealing with is not an environment but a machinemedia ecology tries to find out what roles media force us to play how media structure what we are seeing and why media make us feel and act as we doEquipment for Living equipment for livingThe idea that public discourse provides audiences with symbolic resources for confronting anxieties and difficulties of their own lives hierarchyThe social rules by which we playguiltThe emotional condition that arises every time we violate hierarchy transcendence not so much a way of resolving guilt as it is a way of avoiding guilt by appealing to a new hierarchy or third perspective in which the two conflicting hierarchies cease to be in oppositionmortification requires a symbolical act of atonement such as confession or selfsacrifice victimage a form of scapegoating in which the guilty party transfers his or her guilt onto another partytragedy a form of drama in which the protagonist the tragic hero experiences a reversal of fortune as a result of some mistake or error in judgmentthe tragic heros demise usually death is symbolic equipment for audiences to the extent that they identify with the hero and hisher error comedy traces the buffoonery of its central character the comic fool who is reinstated into the community after being shown the error of hisher waysMedium Theory medium theoryThe idea that each medium technology of communication promotes a particular type of consciousnessHarold A Innis 18941952 timebiased mediaDurable media such a stone or clayspacebiased mediaEphemeral media such as paper or televisionMarshall McLuhan 19111980 hot mediaCommunication technologi
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