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Media Studies
Michael Petit

9 Queer Analysis queer theory: an overview  queer theory: an interdisciplinary perspective that seeks to disrupt socially constructed systems of meaning surrounding human sexuality  sexuality: an enduring emotional, romantic, or sexual attraction toward others based upon their gender or sex  heterosexuality/ homosexuality binary  there is no actual connection between that word and her individual sexual drives and practices  while sexuality is particular to each individual, the social construction of heterosexuality and homosexuality are cultural categories humans use to make sense of their sexuality  heteronormativity (heterosexism): system of inequity derived from the heterosexual/ homosexual binary , a diverse set of social practices that function to perpetuate the heterosexual/ homosexual binary and privilege heterosexuality  sexual othering: the process of stigmatizing homosexuality (or really any non- heterosexual practice) as abnormal to privilege heterosexuality queerness visibility I: sexual stereotypes in American media natural/ deviant  Hollywood has historically used homosexuality as a marker for deviance or criminality monogamous/promiscuous  heterosexuality to monogamy  homosexuality to promiscuity gender clarity/ gender ambiguity  gender androgyny tends to result in a threatening, unsettling sense that things are not quite right with queer characters and personalities queerness and visibility II: the problems with positive representation  visibility: the number of queer characters present in the media  representation: the way that those queers act, feel, and engage in storylines queerness and invisibility: the development of sexuality and gender performativity  discursive construction: a social construction made invisible, natural, normal, and indeed biological by its discursive aspects michel foucault and the history of sexuality, volume 1: an introduction
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