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Media Studies
Ted Petit

MDSA Readings Week 2: CMS 1-18: Introducing CMS  everything we know is learned in 2 ways: o somatically: things we know through direct sensory perception of our environment o symbolically: this is the vast majority and these are things that we know through someone or something like parents, t.v, radio and these options are known as a medium  Mass media studies involves social and cultural communication technologies that increasingly mediate what we know and how we know what we know  WHO ARE THE MASS MEDIA? o Includes diverse array of communication technologies such as human beings, drawings, telegraphs etc o Mass media is what this book is based on and derives from the notion that it is a type of communication that reaches a large group of people at one time  Print media o Print media was first invented by a German Johannes Gutenberg in 1450 o It was a cheap production reaching to a large array of people o In the 19 and 20 century newpapers experienced an explosion of growth o During the times of Thomas Edison was where sound and motion pictures became a need in society  Broadcast media o Instead of people having to travel to stores to pick up dvds or images of information, the media started to grow in places such as over the phone, radio or television  New Media o Are the cultural objects which use digital computer technology for distribution and circulation o The history of new media comes from the development of microprocessors or computer chip  Living in Post Modernity o Post modernity describes the historical epoch that began in the 1960s as the economic mode of production in most western societies slowly shifted from goods based manufacturing to information based services  Convergence o Trends in mass media presents  Convergence stands for the tendency of formerly diverse media to share a common, integrated platform  Mobility o Media has not been a mobile entity, if you want to read, see, or hear something, you would have to go to where you can have access to that, although with the presence of new microprocessors and wireless communications, it has lead to the mobility of media to humans in a more efficient manner  Fragmentation o ?  Globalization o This is the buzz word of the moment  Even though it has become increasingly fragmented by specialized interests, it has become more global as well  It is a complex set of social, political, and economic processes in which the physical boundaries and structural policies, that previously reinforced the autonomy of the nation state are collapsing in favour of instantaneous and flexible world wide relations  Global markets  Simulation o This concept can be traced back to the ancient greeks its current cultural cache is due principally to the French theorist Jean Baudrillard o Western societies are increasingly characterized by simulation because the real and the imaginary have imploded o This argument is premised on the notion precession of simulacra, which suggests that the image has evolved from being a good representation of an external reality to a distorted representation of an external reality, to mask that conceals the absence of basic reality  Why study the media? o Socialization- the process for individuals to learn, adopt, and internalize the prevailing cultural beliefs, values, and norms of a society  What we learn o Mass media has something about it where they choose to filter out certain information they would like to bring forth to the public o Another issue in the media comes from the fact that some of the information does not come out as diverse as it is supposed to be and because of that only the words of public debate etc  How we Learn
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