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Media Studies
Ted Petit

A3- Mediated communication Choices made b/w alternative words and grammatical forms that constitute register, media utterance are communicative acts or events. Depending on specific situational relationship b/w particiapnts Canonical situation of utterance • Key features of media communication events are develipments from face to face interaction • Face to face events are described as canonical speech situation • Thoughts converted into untterance, ther recipient who revies the message decodes it • Also described as conduit model communication because of central idea being transmitted • Model is dyadic model b/c its based on turn taking • Context plays important role of how info is conveyed (contaive) • Code draws attention • Laswell, convenient way to describe act of communication is to answer, who? Says what? In which channel? With what effect? Media communicative events • Mediated communication involves specialised adaptations of face to face interaction • Communicative events in the media take many forms, it can dyadic( 2-way convo b/w 2 interactants, in aphone convo) • What ppl think of mass communication  Eg; radio or television broadcasting • Denis McQuail distilled characteristics of mass communication if 7 major features 1. Reguire formal organizations 2. Directed toward slarge audience 3. Open to all 4. Audience contains many diff kinds of people 5. Establish contact with large number of people at a distance 6. Relationships b/w communicator and audience are man
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