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Media Studies
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Gray Graffam

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Terms Chapter 11 CLOSED TEXT A text that is structured to elicit a particular usually singular response from audiencesCRUISING The interpretive practice of reading with ones bodyCULTURAL PRODUCTION The generation of semiotic enunciative and textual materials related to a specific media artifact by fans of that artifact FANDOM Organized communities or subcultures comprised of persons who share a special affinity for or attachment to a media text which they in turn express through their participation in communal practices fan fiction etc and events conventions INTERPRETIVE PLAY An improvisational mode of reading that ignores dominant interpretive codes in favor of pursuing immediate bodily desiresJOUISSANCE a radically disruptive pleasure an elusive and ecstatic pleasure that destabilizes culturesubjectivity MEDIA EROTICS An approach that explores the array of resistive pleasures that audiences derive from media by examining the various sensuous creative and transgressive ways in which persons use and e
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