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Chapter 6

MDSA01 chapter 6

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

MDSA01 CHAPTER 6 CULTURAL ANALYSIS Basic assumption that films portrayals of political social or religious issues would shape the way its audience would perceive the issues in the larger worldCultural Studies study of culture that seeks to understand how the relations of power are enacted reified and challenged How media texts influence the way we think about the world as political and social beingsCULTURAL THEORY AN OVERVIEWCulture problematic term Culture is simply hat human beings produce and the means by which we preserve what we have produced Michael RichardsonIt is constructed multifaceted and uniquely humanBuilding blocks of culture forms1 Physical form Physical objects we leave behind artifacts Clothing music TV shows cars etc An artifact is a material humanmade object of a culture 2 Social form Social codes and rules that govern the creation of artifacts Practices or customs of our daily lives Customs are our shared lived experiences eating working driving laws etc 3 Attitudinal form Attitudes display the overarching ways a particular culture makes sense of the world and itself including values tastes concepts of rightwrong religious systems economic beliefs or political philosophiesCulture is collective shared among a group of peopleSociety is always a collection of cultures and co or subculturesCulture is rhetorical it functions symbolicallyCulture is historical it changes evolves mutates fades disappears over timeCulture is ideological teaches us how to see the world in some ways and not othersTHE FUNCTIONS OF IDEOLOGYIdeology system of ideas that unconsciously shapes and constrains our beliefs and behaviors Four ways that ideology structures our social world 1 LimitationA given ideology limits the range of acceptable ideas a person may consider within a particular cultural contextPromotes and legitimates certain perspectives and values while devaluing othersRegularly biased or onesidedSometimes ideologies limit our interpretations unconsciously and we dont realize itEg biological sex We always think malefemale when theres intersexuality
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