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Chapter 8


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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Media CH.8 Female Analysis - Feminism – is a political project that explores the diverse ways men and women are socially empowered or disempowered - Sexism – is discrimination based upon a person’s gender, instead of targeting individual men or even men as a social group, feminism seeks to reveal and eradicate socially ingrained systems of sexism that harm all individuals in some way - Sexual identity – refers to the innate biological differnation b.w men and women; anatomy, reproduction and hormones - Gender – refers to culturally constructed differences between men and women; tastes, roles and activities - Essentialism – the belief that gender distinctions are innate and natural - Patriarchy – is a system of power relations in which women’s interests are subordinated to those of men – e.g. women are seen as nurturers and essential for care giving jobs whereas men hold dominant power as job holders - Patriarchal systems empower men and disempower women by making constructed, gendered power imbalances seem natural and innate - Stereotype – is a misleading and simplified representation of a particular social group - Stereotypes are damaging because the gloss over the complex characterics that actually define a social group and reduce its members to a few traits - Socially powerful groups like men have greater access to media outlets as a function of their privilege and this access allows them to represent their particular perspectives on other social groups - Stereotypes persist in the media because they have enough truth to sound plausible w/o much critical thought - Stereotypes mimic reality by actually creating it - Gendered stenotypes - Female stereotypes  Powerlessness  Insignificant  Passiveness  Limited control - Male stereotypes  Power  Significance  Agency  Social influence - Active and passive - Mainstream media represents as men by strength, and activity - Advertisements tend to depict men engaging in sports, working with tools, or driving powerful vehicles and the models in these advertisements are clearly on physical shape - Images of women tend to emphasize passiveness and weakness displayed has weak and underweight - Men are represented as active and strong, they also tend to fulfill the role of family provider in media tests where as women are coded as weak and ar
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