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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Queer AnalysisQueer theoryinterdisciplinary principle that seeks to disrupt socially contructed systems of meaningsurrounding human sexuality Sexuality an enduring emotional romantic or sexual attraction towards others based upon their gender or sex We tend to perceive sexuality in binary terms so in terms of homosexuality or hetero sexuality Queer theoristsassert that the traditional understanding of misrepresents the full spectrum of human sexuality Individual sexuality is unique and difficult to categorizethe limited categories that we use to represent sexual drives cannot fully represent our actualvaried sexual drivesThe constructions of homosexuality and hetereosexuality are cultural categories humans use to make sense of their sexuality HOMOSEXUALITY and HETEROSEXUALITY are like masculinity and femininitythey allow for social classification but this essentializes and disempowers groups that follow them Heteronormativity the system of inequity derived from the heterosexualhomosexual binaryDiverse set of social practices that function to perpetuate the homosexualheterosexual binary and PRIVILEGE HETEROSEXUALITY Heteronormativity A term invented in 1991 to describe any of a set of lifestyle norms that hold that people fall into distinct and complementary genders man and woman with natural roles in life It also holds that heterosexuality is the normal sexual orientation and states that sexual and marital relations are most or only fitting between a man and a womanOur sexuality is an internal component and you cant really see it Women are forced to identify with identify with the social definitions of heterosexuality from birth Heteronormative practices convince us to be heterosexual at a early age because its exclusive of homosexuality A binary must exist in order to view heterosexuality as desirable the second function of heteronormative social practices Homosexuality provides the opposite point of view in contrast to heterosexualityOur understanding of night could not be possible with day and in the same way the norm of heterosexuality could not be made possible without homosexuality as its abnormal oppositeSexual othering the process of stigmatizing homosexuality or any nonheterosexual practice as abnormal to PRIVELEGE heterosexualityo Ideal nuclear family is a husband wife and three childrenso our core images are almost exclusively heterosexual o Homosexual couples represent the other abnormal and nonideal o Dont receive benefits as a homosexual military insurance benefits medical visitation rights o Derogatory terms used in English language dykefaggot Interdisciplinary perspectiveSeeks to disrupt socially constructed systems over meaning regarding human sexualitySexualityemotional romantic or sexual attraction toward othersBinary heterosexualityhomosexualityQueer theorists work to expose the shortcomings of these labels and show how they work to support systems of social power and privilegeLook at the ways in which popular media texts promote heterosexuality as normaland the other forms as deviant or other
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