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Chapter 9

MDSA01 - Chapter 9: Queer Analysis

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

9Queer AnalysisHeterosexualityHetero HomosexualityHomoQueer media scholars attempt to understand how media texts contribute to the ordering of human understanding surrounding gender sex and sexualityThe specific notion of queerness in this perspectiveof ambiguity performance and playbecomes a powerful way to refuse this structured understandingThis refusal in turn challenges prevailing cultural norms and the power relations that they reinforceQueerQueer Theory an interdisciplinary perspective that seeks to disrupt socially constructed systems of meaning surrounding human sexualityQueer is often used now as an umbrella term to refer to any and all people whose individual sexualities to not fit into the traditional understanding of heterosexualityQueer has also come to symbolize a rejection of clear sexual definitions in ones scholarship interaction and daily lifeSexualitySexuality an enduring emotional romantic or sexual attraction toward others based upon their gender or sexAmericans traditionally interpret sexuality according to the heterosexualityhomosexuality binary the fact that even alternate forms like bisexuality are understood in reference to this binary speaks to its primacyQueer theorists assert that this traditional understanding misrepresents the full spectrum of human sexualityWhile sexuality is particular to each individual the social constructions of heterosexuality and homosexuality are cultural categories humans use to make sense of their sexualityAssuming that the heterosexualityhomosexuality binary represents human sexuality results in the unequal distribution of social powerPut another way heterosexuality and homosexuality are cultural constructions like masculine and feminine They allow for the social classification essentializing and disempowerment of the groups that identify with themHeteronormativityThe system of inequity derived from the heterosexualhomosexual binary is called heteronormativity a diverse set of social practices that function to perpetuate the heterosexualhomosexual binary and privilege heterosexualityIt also holds that heterosexuality is the normal sexual orientation and states that sexual and marital relations are most or only fitting between a man and a woman Consequently a heteronormative view is one that involves alignment of biological sex sexuality gender identity and gender roles hetero is the normHeteronormative social practices maintain the distinction between heterosexuality and homosexuality out of necessityHeteronormative practices encourage individuals to identify with heterosexuality from an early age and regularly reconvince people that it is mutually exclusive of homosexualityThis binary or distinction between the two must exist if heterosexuality is to be considered normal or desirableThe process of stigmatizing homosexuality or any nonhetero practice as abnormal to privilege heterosexuality is called sexual otheringExamples in American culture A typical family is identified as having a husband wife and two or three children The core image is exclusively heterosexual Here
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