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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Queer Analysis Notes

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Queer AnalysisAn OverviewQueer theory is an interdisciplinary perspective that seeks to disrupt sexually constructed systems of meaning surrounding human sexuality Sexuality is an enduring emotional romantic or sexual attraction towards others based on their gender or sex Queer theorists work to expose the shortcomings of labels such as sexuality meaning only hetero or homo sexuality and show how they work to support systems of social power and privilege Heterosexuality and homosexuality is a cultural construction that functions as heuristic a mental shortcut which people draw upon to describe their sexual drives Heterosexuality and homosexuality allow for the social classification essentializing and disempowerment of the groups that identify them System of inequity that comes from the heterohomosexuality binary is called heteronormativity or heterosexism Refers to a diverse set of social practices that function to perpetuate the heterosexualhomosexual binary and privileg
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