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Psychoanalytic Analysis

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Psychoanalytic Analysis NotesOverview pg 151The pleasure principle is the uncontrollable human drive to satisfy desire or an appetite for something that promises enjoyment satisfaction and pleasure in its attainment sex power foodPsychoanalytic scholars point out we can also desire and experience pleasure through other processes like urination horror or shockPleasure does not only refer to aspects of life that we relate to comfort or joy psychoanalytic scholars understand pleasure as that which momentarily allows us to transcend everyday existence and reality Freud associates pleasure principle with the Id or the inherited instinctual part of the psyche because the one and only urge of these instincts is towards satisfaction Pg 152However because of some desires being unacceptable or unhealthy the reality principle intercedes and regulates ones experience of pleasureThe reality principle represents the constant curbing of desire according to possibility law or social convention Society would dissolve and humans would do anything to acquire their desire if there was no reality principle Freud associates reality princip
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