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CH 1 - Critical Media Studies: An Introduction (Ott & Mack)

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Chapter 1Introducing Critical Media StudiesCHAPTER 1Introducing Critical Media StudiesKey TermsMass mediaCommunication technologies that have the potential to reach large audiences in remote locations MediumMiddle that which comes between two things PostmodernityThe historical epoch that began to emerge in the 1960s as the economic mode of production in most Western societies slowly shifted from goodbased manufacturing to informationbased services SocializationThe process by which persons both individually and collectively learn adapt and internalize the prevailing cultural beliefs values and norms of society TheoryAn explanatory and interpretive tool that simultaneously enables and limits our understanding of a particular social product practice or process under investigationHow We Know What We Knoweverything we know is learned from two ways 1 somatically perception of environment senses 2 symbolically through a mediumpersonal media word of mouth traveled too slowly and was often alteredmodern mass media print and television is a good way to deliver information to large audiences in distant placesWho Are the Mass Mediamedia is a broad term but mass media refers to communication technologies that have the potential to reach large audiences in remote areasPrint Mediathe invention of the printing press marked the birth of mass medianewspapers and magazines are the prime sources of print mediaMotion Picture and Sound Recordingthe motion picture industry and the record industryBroadcast Mediainstead of media having to be distributed to stores or shipped to audiences print or audiences having to travel to it film it could now be broadcast over public airwavesNew Medianew media are the cultural objects which use digital and computer technology for distribution and circulation
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