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CH 2 - Critical Media Studies: An Introduction (Ott & Mack)

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Chapter 2Marxist AnalysisCHAPTER 2Marxist AnalysisKey TermsBasein Marxist theory The underlying economic and material conditions of society ConcentrationAn organizational state in which the ownership and control of an entire industry such as mass media is dominated by just a few companies ConglomerationThe corporate practice of accumulating multiple though not necessarily media companies and businesses through startups mergers buyouts and takeovers Historical materialismThe underlying method of Marxism IntegrationAn ownership pattern in which the subsidiary companies or branches within a corporation are strategically interrelated integration can be vertical within a media industry or horizontal across media industries MarxismA theory and social movement rooted in the idea that society is the history of class struggles MultinationalismA corporate presence in multiple countries allowing for the production and distribution of media products on a global scale ProfitmotiveThe continuous desire to increase capital Superstructurein Marxist theory Social consciousness as encoded in institutions such as culture art and media religion education politics and the judicial systemMarxism An OverviewMarxism is both a theory and a social and political movement rooted in the idea that society is the history of class strugglescentral premise the mode of production in society or underlying economic structure determines the social relations of production or class structurethis theory makes sense of the world through the perspective of historical materialism Marx a materialist believed that the material world precedes human thought material conditions of social existence determines consciousnessMarxism holds that social consciousness or superstructure encoded by culture religion education politics and law reflects the material conditions of society or economic base the superstructure operates on the realm of ideas or ideologythe mode of production in a society is characterized by two forces 1 Forces or means of production land natural resources and technology needed to produce material goods 2 Relations of production labour practices and ownership
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