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CH 3 - Critical Media Studies: An Introduction (Ott & Mack)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Ted Petit

Chapter 3Organizational AnalysisCHAPTER 3Organizational AnalysisKey TermsInformational biasThe journalistic predisposition that governs how a story is structured and told four informational biases are dramatized personalized fragmented and authoritydisorder Journalistic beatsThe places and institutions where new is regularly expected to occur NewsThe media product produced by the organization structures and practices of journalism New agenciesCorporations that produce and sell stories to other new providers or nonprofit cooperatives which work with large media companies to generate news centrally and distribute it locally ObjectivityThe reporting of facts in an impartial manner Organizational cultureThe sets or norms and customs artifacts and events and values and assumptions that emerge as a consequence of organizational members communicative practices OrganizationsA system network of ordered relationships and coordinated activities directed toward specific goals Press releaseA strategically prepared written or recorded statement produced for news organizations to announce something that claims to be news worthy Professional cultureThe sets of norms and customs artifacts and events and values and assumptions that emerge as a consequence of formal training ie education apprenticeships internships etc membership and participation ie professional associations conferences workshops licenses etc and recognition ie industry awards and honors within a profession ProfessionalizationThe process by which an individual with free will and choice is transformed ie socialized into an ideological subject ie professional whose behaviors and actions reaffirm ones status as a professional ProfessionalsIndividuals who posses expertise in a particular area or field that allows them to accomplish the distinctive tasks of their position PunditryNews that is prepackaged by politicians and their communication consultants ie press advisors and public relations managers to promote a favorable image of a politician hisher specific policy initiativesIntroductionorganizational perspective why media organizations a specific medium or the mass media institution produced the kind of content it doesthe manner in which media industries arrange themselves influences the kind of content they producenews is a highly selective text structured by an organizational demand rather than an objective retelling of a days events
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