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CH 8 - Critical Media Studies: An Introduction (Ott & Mack)

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Chapter 8Feminist AnalysisCHAPTER 8 Feminist AnalysisKey Terms EssentialismThe belief that cultural distinctions such as the belief that masculinity and femininity are inherent universal and natural FeminismA political project that explores the diverse ways men and woman are socially empowered or disempowered GenderThe cultural constructed differences tastes roles activities etc between men and women Glass ceilingAn invisible barrier sustained by gendered workplace policies that restricts women from being promoted equally to men PatriarchyA system of social realtionships in which womans interests are subordinated to those of men PostfeminismA conceptual switch within the popular understanding of feminism from the emphasis of the systematic oppression of all women to the empowerment of individual women SexThe innate biological differentiation anatomy reproduction horomones etc between mean and women SexismDiscrimination based upon a persons biological sex StereotypeA misleading and reductionistic representation of a cultural group Introduction
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