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CH 10 - Critical Media Studies: An Introduction (Ott & Mack)

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

Chapter 10Reception AnalysisCHAPTER 10 Reception AnalysisKey Terms CodeA set of rules that govern visual and linguistic signs within a culture DecodingThe process of using a code to decipher a message and assess meaning EncodingThe process of creating a meaningful message according to a particular code EthnographyA qualitative research method that employs observation to understand cultural phenomenon from the perspective of members of that culture Hermeneutic depthThe critical recognition of multiple meanings as the source of the overall meaning Interpretive communitiesgroups who interpret texts similarly because they share similar social positions and experiences PolysemyThe notion that a text is open to multiple interpretations and meanings PolyvalenceThe notion that a text has a relatively unified meaning that is valued differently by different audiences Reception theoryAn approach that stresses audience interpretation as the primary site of meaning making Resistive readingThe active audience based creation of textual meaning tha
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