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Chapter 6

media chapter 6

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Media Studies
Ted Petit

CH6 Media StudiesCultural Analysis Ideologydefined as a system of ideas that unconsciously shapes and constrains our beliefs and behaviors is the sets of beliefs underlying the customs habits and practices common to a given cultureTo members of that culture the beliefs seem obviously true natural and universally applicableThey may seem just as obviously arbitrary idiosyncratic and false to those who adhere to another ideologyIdeologies may be forcefully imposed or willingly subscribed toTheir component beliefs may be held consciously or unconsciously 1 It limits the range of acceptable and even conceivable ideas gender2 It normalizes eg naturalizes particular sets of social relationsnatural order of things eg teacher has higher authority over student 3 It privileges some interests over othersdominating socially powerful vs minority socially less powerfuleg Heterosexual marriages vs homosexual marriagesor mens physical strength and independence creates difficult situations for women seeking promotion4 It interpellates individuals into subjectsthe subject viewer listener reader is constituted by the text and the power of the mass media resides in their ability topositionthe subject in such a way that their representations are taken to be reflect
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