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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Issue 1: are family values shaped by the mass media? o Families being represented in tv’s bc everyone can relate o Tv has been criticized for the way it portrays fam values, that it does not represent typical “nuclear” American families o Karen Sternheimer uses the celebs as examples for their culture with mainstream American values YES: Leigh H. Edwards | Reality TV and the American Family o tv genre reflects and helps changing “American fam” ideals  for every traditional show follows post- divorce, single-parent, gay and lesbian families o idea of post-modern family o reality shows alter some fam norms while reinforcing others o reality tv promotes gay dating shows o writes abt 4 structures that evolved 1) representations of a new, modified nuclear fam 2) a nostalgia for the traditional nuclear fam 3) ideal of family pluralism 4) questioning of norms that give us a diff sense of fam diversity o these shows convey “emotional realism” regarding changes in fam structure Narrative tropes o reality tv shows draw viewers and sell advertising o portrays ppl in LR cultural problems that have no easy answers o reality tv shows does not explicitly solves these fam disputes Trends in reality tv’s textual representations of the family o addresses ppl in terms of their uneasy shift from modern nuclear fam to postmodern reality of diverse practices o illuminates identity categories that are performed through the fam  male and female switching roles and responsibilities o the o
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