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Chapter 3

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Digital media criticism Ch3: genre criticism and consumer-generated content Introduction o Two entry points for sifting through the txts of youtube : participatory culture and vernacular creativity o Youtube is so broad, people are making their own videos based on their creativity o Youtube is diff from TV of film: “you make time to watch tv or film, you watch youtube when you have little time” The phenom o The video becomes part of the ongoing narrative of youtube as a new form of mediated experience o Some variants include directly iterative style, reflexive style and a critical style. Eg: numa numa guy and chocolate rain song o Numa numa: articulates possibilities of the new medium, the idea of collective recognition – through representation of a virtual self and a sense of personal agency o Chocolate rain; is simple but is a powerful narrative abt race and identity in urban America The short o Has all the elements of a narrative (short) film o Time btwn 5-10 mins long and has 4 stages (exposition, rising action, climax and resolution) o Max of 4 characters but focused on 2 o Eg: my name is lisa and black button The mirror o The posing, placement and recording of the self over time with the central idea of keeping a public memory of personal change available online o Eg: “girl takes pic of self everyday for 3 years”, “41 yrs in 60 secs” o Manifestation of the self – construction of the self o Defining characteristics of the self The witness o Intersection of mobile video technologies with concerns of reportage – commonly referred to as I-witness news o Characterized by the recording of public experience o Recording the act of news making o Eg: “UCLA student taser incident”, “Virginia tech shooter”, “saddam Hu
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