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Chapter 4

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Digital media criticism Ch4 Auteur criticism and social media Introduction o Examining the textual features that make up a facebook page o Individuals carefully construct selvesfashioning a txt abt themselves The persons face o Facebook page begins with the image of the person whose page it is o Style of the picture reveals some common strands Settings o 5 devices that fb offeres for auteurshipstatus updates wall newsfeed photosvideos groups and applications o impact depends on whether they are used as tools to mobilize personal identity o includes privacy settingsviewable only to friends friends of friends family or custom stc Status updates o imp sociologicalpersonal pointof selfpositioning o an invitation to engage with the specifics of that intensely personal momento 4 types of signatures 1 dormantwhen the person has few entries 2 episodicstatus updates on a regular basis 3 liminalinfrequent use of status updates but when it is undertaken the effort is often extensivewhen a game is happening status are updated often K is celebrating the 2008 world champions K is disappointed with his bulldogs but wanted to make sure that everyone had heard that his Phillies are world champions 4 cardiachourly status updates on a daily basis you get to hear abt the persons life in detailE is looking at oxford napkins and dreaming E is having a drink E is enjoying raw tuna The newsfeed o made up msges dealing with events videos groups topics o 4 kinds of messages that has a specific auteurial signat
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