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Issue 17: are online services responsible for an increase in bullying and harassment? o Some children often don’t tell their parents abt themselves being victims of cyberbullying bc they fear that their access to technology might be curbed YES: Penny A. Leisring – Stalking made easy: how information and communication technologies are influencing the way ppl monitor and harass one another o most cyberstalking is committed by someone who knows the victim; sometimes it starts when a relationship ends Types of stalking with technology o use of cell phones to repeatedly call or send txt msges to their victims o spoofing: impersonating the victim online o some stalkers send numerous emails to clog up the inbox, send pornography or files containing viruses o installing spyware and small cameras inside the victim’s homes o studies have found that more women than men were stalked using offline methods, but at least one study found that cyberbullying may affect more men than women Post-intimate stalking and intimate partner violence o stalking occurs after a romantic relationship dissolves; the person who was rejected is typically the one to engage in stalking behavior o college students who had been stalked had higher rates of physical and emotional abuse within their relationship than students who had not been stalked o stalking  “unwanted pursuit” o stalking been characterized as a “sever form of emotional/psychological abuse” Characteristics of stalkers o a history of child abuse and disrupted attachment o borderline personality disorders: when ppl are rejected by their intimate partners, they have difficulty handling the loss and may persistently and inappropriately attempt to reconnect and avoid abandonment Effects on victims o ranges from mild annoyance to sever fear and psychological maladjustment o symptoms of depression, drug use and post traumatic stress disorder, suicidal thoughts o victims take precautions have have changed their routines as a result of being stalked Preventive measures and steps to be taken if cyberstalked o use extreme caution when posting info abt themselves on the Internet o sending a clear msg that the perpetrator’s behavior is unwanted is crucial; if the stalker continues to contact the victim then its “aggravated stalking”, further contact should be avoided otherwise i
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