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University of Toronto Scarborough
Media Studies
Gray Graffam

Ch 5: Cultural criticism and the cell phone Introduction o A cell phone is many things – personal decoration, a communicative device, a tool of public information or even an agent of public destruction (use of cell phones to set off bombs) The cell phone - convenience of mobility - 3 values 1) idea of perpetual contact (where the nodes of connectivity btwn ppl and their txts are accessible and can be entered into a relnship with at anytime) 2) idea of personal technology (with an array of customizable features and is carried in one’s hand at all times) 3) mode of communal expression (unending conversations btwn friends, spouses and loved ones  Form - all the things that make up the physical form of a cell phone (size, shape, design features, texture and color) - only the externalities  Function - the range of design features that contemporary phones come with - imp features include talk, texting, or SMS, pager, appt book, message centre, music, email and internet, video content  Culture of the cell phone - technology that is socially constructed by its user Class, desire, technology: the text of the iPhone - the iPhone is a “communicator” that uses the power of its kinesthetic appeal to bring abt a new kid of mediated experience that brings into the realm of reality the idea of convergence (referring to a mode of media use where txt, audio, and video are all assembled in the same media technology) Nationalism and cultural technology: textual analysis of AirTel cell phone advertising in India - the selling is done through a well-known form of persuasive communication – advertising  Advertising and cultural technologies - the universe of advertising by cell phone companies in India needs to be first contextualized within a larger universe of advertisements articulating a fundamental shift in new cultural sensibilities in the developing world as it grapples with the paradoxes of global capitalism - “contextual ads” that appear on the sides of the newspaper advertisi
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