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Chapter 13

Ch. 13 Notes

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Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

May 5, 2011 5:09 PM W6:Ch.13 WhatisConflict? Interpersonal Conflict: Process that occurs when one person, group or organizational subunit frus- trates the goal attainment of another. The conflicting parities might develop a dislike for each other, see each other as unreasonable and develop negative stereotypes of their opposites.Antagonistic be- haviours might include name calling, sabotage, or even physical aggression. Causes of Organizational Conflict Group Identification and Intergroup Bias - Identification with a particular group or class of peo- ple can set the stage for organizational conflict. Self-esteem is probably a critical factor. Identi- fying with the successes of ones own group and disassociating oneself from out-group failures boosts self-esteem and provides comforting feelings of social solidarity. In organizations, there are a number of groups or classes with which people might identify. Based on personal charac- teristics (e.g., race or gender), job functions (e.g., sales or production) or job level (e.g., manager or non-manager). Interdependence - when individuals or subunits are mutually dependent on each other to accom- plish their own goals, the potential for conflict exists. It necessitates interaction between the par- ties so that they can co-ordinate their interests. In addition, it means that each party has some power over the other Differences in power, status or culture - Power: If dependence is not mutual but one-way, the potential for conflict increases. If party Aneeds the collaboration of party B to accomplish its goal but B does not needAs assis- tance, antagonism may develop. Status: Conflict arises when people of lower status are dependent on those of higher status Culture: When two or more cultures develop in an organization, the clash in beliefs and val- ues can result in overt conflict www.notesolution.com
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