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Chapter 1


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Management (MGH)
Samantha Montes

Chapter 1 Organizational Behaviour and Management What are organization? Organizations-social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group efforts Social Inventions OB is essentially composed of people (present opportunities and challenges) OB is about understanding people and managing them to work effectively Goal Accomplishment all organizations have SURVIVAL as a goal, but also specific goals for each company OB is concerned with how organizations can survive and adapt to change People must take part and behave in a certain way for survival and adaptation 1. Be motivated to join and remain in the organization 2. Carry out their basic work reliably, in terms of productivity, quality and service 3. Willing to continuously learn and upgrade their knowledge and skills 4. Be flexible and innovative (provides adaptation to change) Group Effort Organization is based on group effort depend on interaction and coordination w people to accomplish goal 1. most work are performed by groups, temp or permanent 2. informal groupingfriendships, informal alliances (OB is how to get ppl to practise effective teamwork) What is Organizational Behaviour? OB refers to attitudes and behaviour of individual and groups in organizations (about people and human nature) Goals of Organizational Behaviour 1 www.notesolution.com
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