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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 lecture notes

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Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

Job Satisfaction N intrinsic rewards built into the job itself, such as responsibility, autonomy, challenge, benefits N extrinsic rewards found around the job, such as good boss, co-workers, opportunity to advance, flexible work arrangements, developmenttraining, money Co-workers Work Conditions Job Content Job Satisfaction PayBenefits Good Boss Career Job Security Progress Responses to Dissatisfaction N leave N do nothing N lower outputabsenteeism, skip work N voice your dissatisfaction N illegal activities N the two usual paths taken by people are either to leave or lower output Job Satisfaction Theories N Hertzbergs Two-Factor Theory o 2 separate variables to explain job satisfaction hygiene factors pay, benefits, work conditionsextrinsic rewards prevents dissatisfaction if they are good motivators challenge, autonomyintrinsic rewards increase job satisfaction and motivation when n
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