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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 lecture notes

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Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

It All Makes Sense? 1. A happy worker is a productive worker. F There is no real correlation between the two. Sometimes to be productive there has to be something else. 2. Organizations are more effective when they prevent conflict among employees. F Conflict sometimes brings out different perspectives. 3. It is better to negotiate alone than as a team. T Teams are more effective because they can work together to bring together different ideas. 4. Companies are more effective when they have a strong corporate culture. T Usually this is true because that is what happens in a corporation. However, sometimes a negative corporate culture might not be good. A corporate culture is not negative really, it is the environment. Corporate culture underlying beliefs, values, and attitudes that a corporation believes in ICEBERG MODEL Schein only 13 of iceberg showsdress, work space, policies and procedures 23 icebergvalues, beliefs, attitudes; which are hard to change if the management cannot recognize them start changing culture with visible things that can be seen before changing other things 5. Employees perform better without stress. F Sometimes stress helps employees perform better. Without stress, employees are not motivated as much
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