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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 lecture notes

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Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

Personality N behaviours may change and will change over time, but deep-seated personality will not change over time N personality relatively stablepattern of behaviours; consistent internal states N personalities are both external (the ones that can be observed) and internal (the ones that cannot be seen) N what is seen of a person is just one half, the external personality Ways of Explaining Employees Behaviour in Organization 1) Dispositional Approach humans are predisposed to behave in certain ways behaviour is based on genetics and genes inherited 2) Situational Approach organizational factors affect behaviour more than disposition an example includes wages and benefits, which will affect job satisfaction 3) Interactionist Approach most widely accepted as an explanation organizational behaviour is based on two things: (1) individual personality, and (2) work setting this basically means that two things affect peoples behaviour in the organization: individual and environment 5 Factor Model of Personality N a cluster of traits (5) which help to explain behaviour 1. Conscientiousness hardworking, organized, dependable, persevering vs. lazy, disorganized, unreliable, quitter 2. Extraversion outgoing, assertive, sociable vs. reserved, quiet, shy o extroverts go into areas in organizations such as marketing, HR, and sales o introverts go into areas such as teaching, accounting, finance, research 3. Agreeableness cooperative, warm vs. cold, belligerent 4. Emotional Stabilitycalm, high self-esteem, secure, happy vs. depressed, insecure 5. Openness to Experience creative, curious, culture vs. narrow, against change o a simple test to find out if people are open to change is to see if they like ch
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