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Chapter 10

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Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

Chapter 10-communication Communication: the process by which information is exchanged between sender and receiver Interpersonal communication: the exchange of info between ppl Effective communication: occurs when the right ppl receive the right info in a timely manner Basics of Organizational Communication Communication by Strict Chain of Command Chain of command: lines of authority and formal reporting relationships -under this system three necessary forms of communication can be accomplished 1. Downward communication: information that flows from the top of the organization toward the bottom 2. Upward communication: information flows from the bottom of the organization toward the top 3. Horizontal communication: info that flows between departments or functional units, usually as a mean of coordination effort Deficiencies in the Chain of Command o Informal communication: informal communication helps ppl accomplish their jobs more effectively. o Sometimes it doesn’t benefit, rumors begin o Filtering:±: the tendency for a message to be watered down or stopped during transmission o Open door policy: the opportunity for employees to communicate directly with a manger without needing to go through chain of command o Slowness: it is slow, slower for horizontal communication Manager-Employee communication o Consists of one to one exchange of info between a boss and an employee How good is Manager-Employee Communication? o The extent to which managers and employees agree about work-related matters and are sensitive to each other point of view is one index for good communications o Perceptual differences suggest lack of openness in communication which might contribute to role conflict and ambiguity Barrier to Effective Manager-Employee Communication Conflict Role Demand: leadership role requires balance of both task and social-emotional functions, mangers have hard time with this Mum Effect: the tendency to abound communication bad news to others The Grape Vine Characteristics of Grapevine Grapevine: an organization’s informal communication network -75& is accurate Who participates in the Grape Vine o Extraverts may be more likely to pass on info than introverts o Those who lack self confidence high pass on info that gives them personal advantage PROS AN
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