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Chapter 3


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)

CHAPTER 3- PERCEPTION, ATTRIBUTION, AND DIVERSITY What Is Perception? Def : The process of interpreting the messages of our senses to provide order & meaning to the environment. People base their actions on the interpretation of reality that their perceptual system provides, rather than on reality itself. Perception has three components: Perceiver Experience-> past experience lead the perceiver to develop expectations and thus affect current perceptions Emotional State -> perceptual defence: tendency for the perceptual system to defend the perceiver against unpleasant emotions ( see what we want to see or hear what we want to hear Motivational State Target -> providing more info about the target doesnt necessarily will improve perceptual accuracy Situational context in which perception is occurring add info about the target Each component influences perceivers impression or interpretation of target. Social Identity Theory A theory that states that ppl form perceptions of themselves based on their characteristics (personal identity interest, abilities, and traits) and memberships in social categories (social identity gender, nationality, religion, occupation, etc. ) Our perception of others is a function of how you categorize ourselves (eg. Student) and our target (eg. Professor). If the situation changes, so might the categorization and relation btwn the perceiver and the target (ex. in hostpital, medical students www.notesolution.com
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