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Chapter 3


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University of Toronto Scarborough
Management (MGH)

Person Perception in Human Resources Perceptions play an important role in human resources in areas such as: The employment interview Structured, semi-structured, and unstructured interviews Validity of the interview improves when interviewer conduct a more structured interview Factors threaten the validity: 1) applicants are usually motivated to present an especially favourable impression of themselves 2) interviewers have a tendency to exhibit primacy reactions Perceptual tendencies at work in interviews 1) Negativity Bias interviewers tend to give less importance to positive information about the applicant. Interviews get more feedback about unsuccessful hiring thank successful hiring (why did u send me that idiot?!) 2) Contracts effects sometimes occur in the interview applicants who have been interviewed earlier affect he interviewers perception of a current applicant..comparing Structured interview involves 4 dimensions: Evaluation standardization Question sophistication Question consistency (extend to which interviewer ask same question in same order for every candidate) Rapport building (extend to which interviewer does not ask personal questions unrelated to the job) Biases affecting interviews Primacy effect Negativity bias Contrast effects www.notesolution.com Cognitive limitations Applicant perceptions of recruitment & selection Signalling theory: job applicants interpret their recruitment experiences as cues or signals about what it is like to work in an organization Organizational justice theory: job applicants form more positive perceptions of the selection process when selection procedures are perceive to be fair and are more likely to view the organization favourably and to have stronger intention to accept a job offer and recommend the organization to others The performance appraisal Objective and subjective measures Objective measures= measures that doesnt involve a substantial degree of human judgment When objective indicators of performance do exist, they are often contaminated by situational factors Organizations must often rely on subjective measure of effectiveness, however, the employees job activities cannot be monitored directly (eg. A police sergeant cant ride around in six squad cars at the same time) Errors in Subjective Ratings www.notesolution.com
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