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Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Management (MGH)
Xuefeng Liu

Ch8Social Influence in OrganizationsInformation DependenceRely on others for information about how you think feel and actSocial Information Processing TheoryInformation from others is used to develop expectations and interpretations appropriate behaviours and attitudescompare with othersEffect DependenceRely on others because of others capacity to prove punishments and rewards Generally a group wants everyone towards a common goal and approval of the groupMotives for Social ConformityComplianceTo acquire rewards or avoid punishment easydirectIdentificationBecause those who promote the norm are attractivesimilar to me effectInternalizationTrue acceptance of beliefs values and attitudes that underlie the normBecause it is rightInternal not external forcesOrganizational SocializationSocializationProcess where people learn the attitudes knowledge and behaviours that is necessary to function in a grouporganizationThe way companies communicate culture and values imformation and goals to avoid role conflict
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