Chapter 4 - Values, Attitudes, & Work Behaviour

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Management (MGH)
Joanna Heathcote

Week 3Chapter 4Values Attitudes and Work BehaviourWhat are ValuesValuesa broad tendency to prefer certain states of affairs over othersBroad tendencyvalues are general do not predict behaviour in specific situations Hofstedes Study Critical crosscultural dimensions of valuesPower distancethe extent to which an unequal distribution of power is accepted by society membersUncertainty avoidancethe extent to which people are uncomfortable with uncertain and ambiguous situationsStrong uncertainty avoidance cultures stress rules and regulations hard work conformity and securityCultures with weak uncertainty avoidance are less concerned with rules conformity and securityMasculinityfemininitymore masculine cultures clearly differentiate gender roles support the dominance of men and stress economic performanceMore feminine cultures accept flied gender roles stress sexual equality and quality of lifeIndividualismcollectivismindividualistic societies stress independence individual initiative and privacy collective cultures favour independence loyalty to family or clanLongtermshortterm Time orientationcultures with longterm orientation tend to stress persistence perseverance thrift and close attention to status differencesCultures with shortterm orientation stress personal steadiness and stability facesaving and social nicetiesDifferences in values across cultures set constrains on the export and import of OB theories and practices and have implications for satisfying global customers and developing globally aware workersWhat are AttitudesAttitudea fairly stable evaluative tendency to respond consistently to some specific object situation person or category of peopleA function of what we think about the worldbeliefs and how we feel about the world valuesMore specific than values ex Value working highly but dislike specific jobAttitude influence our behaviour toward some object situation person or groupEx Dislike German fooddont eat German foodAttitudes not always consistent with behaviour and it provides useful info over and above the actions that we can observeBeliefValueAttitudeBehaviourPersuasion designed to modify or emphasize values is usually emotionally orientedPersuasion that is slanted toward modifying certain beliefs is usually rationally orientedWhat Is Job SatisfactionJob satisfactiona collection of attitudes that workers have about their jobs1
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