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Chapter 15

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Chapter 15Environment Strategy and TechnologyThe External Environment of the OrganizationExternal Environment Events and conditions surrounding an organization that influence its activities Eg SARS outbreak the recent economic crisis and the OPEC oil embargo of 1973External environment profoundly shapes organizational behaviourOrganizations as Open SystemsOpen Systems Systems that take inputs from the external environment transform some of them and send them back into the environment as outputs It sensitizes us to the need for organizations to cope with the demands of the environment on both the input side and the output side Some coping may be oriented towards changing the environment The Organization as an Open System Exhibit 151Components of the External EnvironmentThe General Economy Downturncompetition for customers increases organizations might postpone needed capital improvements high unemploymentCustomers Must be sensitive to changes in customer demands Suppliers Shortages cause difficulties Competitors Successful companies devote considerable energy to monitoring the activities of competitors SocialPolitical Factors Changes in public attitudes find expression in law through the political process thus organizations must cope with a series of legal regulations that prescribe fair employment practices proper competitive activities product safety clients rights and environmental protectionism Technology The environment contains a variety of technologies that are useful for achieving organizational goals The ability to adopt the proper technology should enhance an organizations effectiveness Interest Groups Parties or organizations other than direct competitors that have some vested interest in how an organization is managed o Some of these individuals and agencies might make competing or conflicting demands on the university Diagram below o Different interest groups evaluate organizational effectiveness according to different criteriao Different parts of the organizational will often be concerned with different environmental components
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