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Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Notes

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Management (MGH)

Chapter 9Leadership one person influences other group members toward the attainment of groupLeadercreate the essential purpose of an organization and the strategy for attaining itie establish organizational missionformulate strategy for implementing missionoLimitations of the Trait Approachborn1Trait leader weak correlation2what leaders actually do to influence others successfully3failure to take into account the situation2 leadership rolestask leader1 accomplish a task by others planning strategy dividing laboursocialemotional leader2 reducing tension patching up disagreements settling arguments maintaining moraleCrucial leadership behaviours that leaders engage inmadeOhio State studiesconsideration 1concern for peopleapproachable and shows personal concern for employeesmore strong in leader satisfaction and job satisfaction motivation and leader effectivenessinitiating structure2 productionactions designed to enhance productivity or task performancemore strong in leader job performance and group performance maintain std performanceboth are positive to motivation job satisfaction leader effectivenessdepend on characteristics of the task the employee and the setting in which the work is performedLeader reward behaviourcompliments tangible benefits deserved special treatmentLeader punishment behaviourreprimands or unfavourable task assignments and the active withholding of raises promotions and other rewardsContingent leader reward and punishment behaviour is positively related to 1employees perceptions eg trust in supervisor2attitudes eg job satisfaction and organizational commitment3behaviour eg effort performance organizational citizenship behaviourSituational Theories of Leadership1characteristics of the employees2the nature of the task they are performing3characteristics of the organizationFiedlers Contingency Theory association between leadership orientation and group effectivenessdepends on the situation is favourable for the exertion of influencewwwnotesolutioncom
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