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Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Power, Politics, and Ethics

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Management (MGH)
Julie Mc Carthy

MGTB29 Chapter 12 Power, Politics, and Ethics What is Power p.409 Power: capacity to influence others who are in a state of dependence - capacity, not always perceived or exercised - target of power is dependent on powerholder does not imply poor relationship exists bw two - can flow in any direction in organization - broad concept that applies to indivs and groups The Bases of Individual Power p.409-411 - power found in position you occupy in organization or resources commanded Legitimate Power Legitimate power: power derived from persons position or job in organization - organizations judgment about who is formally permitted to influence who, called authority - move up hierarchy has more power - in theory equals have same legit power - organizations differ in emphasize and reinforce legit power - legit power works bc ppl socialized to accept its influence - legit power major reason for following bosss directives Reward Power Reward Power: power derived from ability to provide positive outcomes and prevent negative outcomes - backs up legit power - any member can exert with praise, compliments, flattery Coercive Power www.notesolution.com
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